Approach & Principles

As you consider working with Healing Traditions, I want to share the principles that will shape our time together. Seeking additional healing therapies with spiritual components can be intimidating. You want to find someone who will provide compassionate and level-headed support. I want to make it easier for you to prepare for this work, because it is more successful when we are both ready and committed.

What to Expect: Your First Visit
Our first consultation will establish the course of services and treatment that we will travel together:

  • You will be asked about what you are seeking my services for and what you wish to accomplish. I will also provide feedback or follow-up questions as appropriate, based on what you share and my experience working with people in similar situations.
  • Together, we will create a plan for your journey, with a focus on honoring your body and where you are now, while healing you toward where you hope to be. My goal is for us to feel like partners in this process. So much healing can happen while you are taking care of yourself before and after our sessions. It’s important that you feel informed and empowered to be on the journey.
  • Typically we schedule an initial set of appointments during this first meeting, so that we can establish a rhythm for the work from the start. I often work with clients over a number of sessions — and in some cases, I have been honored to work with them for years!
  • I also often share handouts and other resources with new clients, so you can continue to learn and reflect following our initial consultation.

What to Expect: Our Ongoing Work Together
We will review your plan each time we are together, so that we can build a partnership in your wellness. We measure your progress toward the goal you wish to reach. As this is an organic process, each session will have its own structure, yet consultations will always be educational in nature. My approach is not to merely treat your specific issue, but also to teach you so you can be more aware of your body, your spirit, and the lifestyle choices (e.g., nutrition) that affect healing.

Healing Traditions is a reflection of my deep experience with Native American and Yoruba traditions as well as the study and practice of Eastern philosophies. I have also been formally trained in Mayan techniques, energy therapy, massage therapy, Reiki, herbal therapies, meditation, and more. This blend of techniques means that we will work toward holistic healing, engaging your body and spirit. It also means that I view my work as a bridge between traditions. Based on your needs, interests, and comfort level, I can teach you about rituals, practices, and cultures that reflect the following principles.

Guiding Principles

Disease and pain are teachers. When we listen to our pain, we learn about what we truly need and open up to healing. This does not have to mean reliving the pain. It simply means we will choose to listen to it rather than wish it away.

We can do better than “fixing” our bodies. Healing happens when you are prepared to listen to your body and have practices to care for it. This is why teaching goes hand in hand with healing. I will teach you about your body and new techniques so you can maintain the work we do and address new issues in the future.

We all have energy that shapes how we engage with the world. Acknowledging that energy can be a powerful tool for changing our lives.

Plants are our allies. When we connect and co-create with the plant and mineral world, we help balance our bodies. As Don Elijio Panti, a Mayan master healer, said, “No healer can work alone to cure people. Sickness is an enemy and we are the soldiers who fight against it. Our tools are plants, prayers, and faith in God.”

Our roots are an important part of our story. Sometimes the spiritual needs or physical pains we carry have a connection to our ancestry. Acknowledging our roots can help us become more grounded and create new paths to healing.

Science and spirit can work together. I have been a student of the body for as long as I have been a student of spirit. My work is grounded in Western science, and I actively seek new studies, research, and training that I am always happy to share with clients.

Ready to get started? Please contact me to request a consultation. I also offer workshops, customized trainings, and other teaching to individuals, community groups, and fellow practitioners.